The page you are visiting, is dedicated to Michał – a one and a half year old, little boy who is bravely fighting with cancer – neuroblastoma.

In October 2012, one year has passed since the date we found out about Michał’s serious illness and since its recurrence (August 2012) the hospital has been our “second home”.
Due to the highest risk group to which Michal belongs now, he was classified to the most aggressive treatment of this disease. So far he has gone through 8 cycles of strong chemotherapy. In January 2013 he will undergo a very serious high dose chemotherapy and the bone marrow authotransplantation followed by radiotherapy. Unfortunately, these are the last treatment options for Michal in Poland, but we still have hopes for his recovery since other EU countries offer more advanced treatment options. Michal was qualified for the antiGD2 antibody therapy against Neuroblastoma cells but due to its costs (the Polish Health System denies refunding it), this stage of therapy depends on whether we can raise the necessary funds – 147.000 euros according to the cost estimate delivered by the clinic. We know that we cannot give up and that we cannot waste this chance. For us – parents, this sum of money is unreachable, and that is why we are asking you for help. We strongly believe and we hope that it all makes sense, and with the help of good people and God’s providence Michal shall recover…

Michał`s parents.